Whatcom Roofing and Home Repair Chimney Service

To prevent deterioration, we inspect and repair your chimney:

  • Grouting or tuck-pointing
  • Masonry cap
  • Metal counter-flashings, step and pan flashings
  • Waterproofing

Chimney repairs can be referred to as many things such as fireplace repairs, chimney tuck-pointing, re-pointing, re-grouting, etc. Tuck-pointing chimney repairs restore the masonry mortar joints between your bricks to eliminate water intrusion, prevent structural compromise, and restore the integrity & aesthetic value of your chimney. It is a precise, time consuming and labor-intensive process that involves removing and replacing the crumbling and missing mortar between the rows of brick.

Whatcom Roofing and Home Repair will replace the existing failing mortar with new mortar (tuck-point) and match the original masonry texture and color as closely as possible. Once mortar has been replaced within the joint, it is then tooled. When done properly, a tuck-pointing chimney repair will provide a strong, water-resistant joint. This will extend the life of your masonry chimney and will help prevent future repairs.

Don’t let deteriorated brickwork compromise the chimneys integrity and allow water, and pests to invade your home.

Penetrating moisture weakens the mortar that bonds the masonry units together. It also promotes premature deterioration of your brick causing brick chimney repairs and additional tuck pointing needs. When moisture finds its way into a defect, the bricks and grout will absorb the moisture and freeze. This will cause the brick face to spall or fall off. Once this happens, your brick is compromised as it offers no structural support to the masonry structure. Moisture can also be the cause of roof leaks and rot to the structure. Once moisture gets in, the wood surrounding the chimney will get wet and attract carpenter ants and other pests. If left to go, drywall ceilings will also be affected.

Masonry brick chimney repair and fireplace repair costs can be eliminated and/or minimized with regular inspections and preventative maintenance. The Masonry Cap is at the very top of the chimney and prevents the rainwater from entering the crown of the chimney. It is the first line of defense from the rains saturating the bricks and grouting. If the masonry cap is in poor condition the rest of the chimney will not be able to keep your roof and structure dry. That is why Whatcom Roofing and Home Repair inspects and replaces the cap when needed so ensure the integrity of your home.

Metal counter-flashings are the exposed metal flashings that you can see when you are looking at the outside of your chimney. They are an integral part of the chimney that prevents water from entering the attic as the rainwater run down the side of the chimney. Step Flashings and Pan Flashings are metal flashings that are generally not visible and are a part of the roofing work. They are woven in with the shingles on the roof and end underneath the metal counter-flashings. When we re-roof we inspect all step, pan and counter-flashings be sure that your chimney will not cause your roof to leak.


Preventative chimney maintenance

Whatcom Roofing and Home Repair can apply a waterproofing agent on your masonry chimney to aid in preservation of your chimney, thus preventing brick chimney repairs from the start. This waterproofing needs to be vapor permeable, meaning that it allows your masonry chimney to breathe moisture out, but not let it in. Let us inspect your chimney and inform you how we can help you prevent future brick chimney repair.

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